Black roasted sunflower seeds

Djili-Soy roasted sunflower seeds are suitable for joyful moments spent with family and friends. Bulgarian sunflower seeds are packed in different weight packages.The sunflowers seeds are carefully selected and roasted for you to enjoy a great taste.

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Roasted pumpkin seeds

The pumpkin seeds are a real bless for your health because they contain various essential nutrients.Djili-Soy improve the sweet flavor of the pumpkin seeds roasting and salting them carefully.Djili-Soy pumpkin seeds are packed in different weight packages.

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Peanuts are a perfect snack in every moment.The perfect taste of the Djili-Soy peanuts is guaranteed by the quality of the Bulgarian products. The peanuts are packed in different weight packages.

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Why us?

Agritrans is a company that has confirmed on the Romanian market due to the variety and quality of its products

10 years



romanian capital


of high quality

About Agritrans

Agritrans is one of the most respected distributors of seeds and hazelnuts in Romania

The company Agritrans Service International was founded in 2008 by two Romanian partners and it is specialized in alimentary products trade.

Wishing to promote the Bulgarian brand Djili-Soy, our company signs a contract with ET Djili-Soy Djihangir Ibryam and it becomes the only importer and distributor for Bulgarian Djili-Soy seeds in Romania. The seeds are cultivated, selected, roasted and packed exclusively in Bulgaria at ET Djili-Soy Djihangir Ibryam factory in Dulovo, Silistra area.

The real Bulgarian seeds have been on the Romanian market since 2007. Due to the great taste, their superior quality and the attractive package, the Bulgarian Djili-Soy seeds went beyond some of the well-known seeds brands in Romania and started the "black seeds" trend.

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